12V DC Motor Type 1


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Ideal for school project and hobby projects.
Small Robotics, Geared Hobbies, Home Automation
Hobby electric motor

Rated current: 2 A
No-load Speed: 5500-6000 rpm

Current under Rated Load: 2.4 A max 
Full load current: 2.4 A
Stall torque: 1,360 g-cm 
Stall current: 11.8 A
long from end to end - 80 mm
The shaft with the contact points - 15 mm long
The motor is 55 mm long 
Motor diameter : 30mm
Weight : 160 gram

Package Contents:

1 x 12V Motor Type 1 Motor*

*Brand and color As per availability

Additional information

Weight 160 g
Dimensions 80 x 30 mm


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